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The great documentary filmmaker was the subject of a retrospective at this year’s edition of One World.

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PODCAST| Matt Micucci interviews director Kim Longinotto at the 2018 One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague.

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An interview with the great documentary filmmaker Kim Longinotto, who was the subject of a retrospective at the 20th One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague, Czech Republic. Longinotto opens the interview by speaking about the project she is working on at the moment, which will be based on the life of Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia, whom she describes as a rebellious woman, as many other women of her previous films. We also talk about her beginnings, from her years in boarding school to working with her father, who was a photographer as a child. Despite her early encounter with photography, she insists that she used to hate cameras, and didn’t want to have anything to do with them. Years later, she kickstarted a remarkable career of many award-winning documentaries, including Sisters in Law (2005), Pink Saris (2010), and Dreamcatcher (2015), screened at One World this year. Longinotto talks about her working method, which entails always knowing what she’s got while she’s filming, and waiting for a moment that would allow “people to feel stronger,” rather than come away from the film feeling hopeless. she also talks about traveling to distant places to make her films, and why she often struggles to find a story worth telling that is closer to her own home, and shares with us her thoughts on cinema in general, including how people connect personal with films, liking “films where people leap out of their own cultures and transform their lives,” whether one has to agree with a film ideologically to deem it a good film, and more.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Kim Longinotto
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    Kim Longinotto retrospective
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