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Luigi Bacialli – President Veneto Film Commission Foundation #ITTV

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13 min. and 33 sec.

“USA can help us becoming great again. We have a lot of talents in our country and here in Hollywood they are used to reward people who deserve it”

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13 min. and 33 sec.

PODCAST | Matteo Ghidoni interviews Luigi Bacialli, president Veneto Film Commission Foundation.

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“Italy is not just Mafia, we have a lot more to show abroad”

“The economy in Italy is not at its best right now, but we are going to be better soon. We can give a lot to this new audiovisual market that is growing. The USA can help us bringing our creativity and our talents where they deserve to be. Our goal as Veneto Film Commission, is to bring producers and directors to know our beautiful region and amazing locations. Not just Venice or Verona, but little towns like Portogruaro or amazing historic villa where it would be great to shoot a movie or a tv series”.

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This interview was recorded during the ITTV – The Italian TV Festival, thanks to the Italian Film Commissions Association and with the support of the Italian Trade Agency

  • Reporter
    Matteo Ghidoni
  • Guest
    Luigi Bacialli
  • Interviewee role
    President Veneto Film Commission Foundation
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