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Margarita Cadenas – Women of the Venezuelan Chaos #jedensvet2018

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A look at the current situation in Venezuela through glimpses at the lives of five different women.

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14 min. and 41 sec.

PODCAST| Matt Micucci interviews Margarita Cadenas, director of the film Women of the Venezuelan Chaos.

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An interview with Margarita Cadenas, director of the documentary Women of the Venezuelan Chaos, which was featured in the program of the 20th One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival of Prague, Czech Republic. The documentary explores the current chaos experienced in Venezuela, which according to Cadenas is a situation that has progressed over the years, and began while Hugo Chavez was still in power. In making this documentary, the director wanted to explore the lives of real people, and she chose five women who would help explore five themes: health, shortage, political imprisonment, and fear. In this interview, Cadenas talks about finding the women whose stories make up the fabric of the film, and comments on the way in which the Venezuelan situation is covered by the global media at large.

Women of the Venezuelan Chaos: The stories of these five Venezuelan women are very different, but all have one thing in common: they are evidence of a serious social, economic and political crisis in their country, which is on the brink of complete collapse. The food shops are empty and the government has introduced rationing. There is no medicine in the hospitals, and doctors must choose who to treat and who to leave. Crime is skyrocketing. Political prisoners remain behind bars, and corruption and injustice are spreading deeper into the system. The government is trying to conceal from the world and its own citizens the fact that the state is suffering its worst crisis in the last 200 years. Director Margarita Cadenas has created a unique film about the true state of affairs. It depicts the stories of five women of different generations and social strata who are trying to cope with the chaos in their country.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Margarita Cadenas
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Women of the Venezuelan Chaos
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    Right to Know
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