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Montasser Hegazy, Marianne Khoury, Directors, Ghosts of the city.

Festival Section: New Cinema Network – Rome International Co-production Market.

Fred’ Chiara Nicoletti meets Marianne Khoury and Montasser Hegazy, directors of GHOSTS OF THE CITY, film project participating in this year’s selection of NEW CINEMA NETWORK, Rome International Co-production market. Ghosts of the city is a musical depicting a love story between a young man, Mousha and a a girl, NEma who both live in the slum area of Boulaq, in the heart of Cairo. The purpose of the film and the choice of the musical genre is to portray and give voice to the young generations in the post revolution Egypt. Marianne Khoury has also started a project right after the revolution, MISR FILM FOCUS which is dedicated to assist and produce emerging Egyptian talents.

Reporter: Chiara Nicoletti.

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