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Olivier Assayas – International Competition Jury #Locarno70

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7 min. and 35 sec.

The international jury president’s impressions, with just a few hours to go before the winner of the Golden Leopard is announced

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7 min. and 35 sec.

PODCAST | Bénédicte Prot interviews Olivier Assayas, president of the International Competition jury.

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With just a few hours to go before the 70th Locarno Festival winners are announced, jury president Olivier Assayas tells us what Locarno represents in his view, compares his experience here with his jury experience in Cannes as well as his former job as a critic, and unveils some concrete details about the content of his mission – with fellow-jury members Miguel Gomes, Christos Konstantakopoulus, Jean-Stéphane Bron et Birgit Minichmayr – and about what his role means to him, underlining that it’s always all about pushing the limits.

  • Reporter
    Bénédicte Prot
  • Guest
    Olivier Assayas
  • Interviewee role
    president of the International Competition jury
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