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Orlando Stewart – Bellbird #IFFAM2019

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A celebration of New Zealand’s country values.

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Orlando Stewart, producer of the film Bellbird.

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An interview with Orlando Stewart, producer of the film Bellbird, directed by Hamish Bennett. The film was featured in the International Competition of the 2019 International Film Festival and Awards Macao, where this interview was recorded. Stewart talks with us about the film, and how he supported and helped protect Bennett’s vision. He also talks about the rural landscape where the film taked place, and some of the choices and themes of Bellbird, including its quietness and the theme of masculinity as it is explored in the movie.

Bellbird: Ross is a man of few words, and when his wife Beth suddenly dies, so does his spirit. His son Bruce is reluctant to change his own life to help run the farm but can see his father struggling, both physically and emotionally. When young Marley keeps turning up to help Ross with the daily milking, he ignores Ross’s sullen moods. Beth was Marley’s teacher and friend, so he is quietly determined to stick around and help out. Local Connie is also in for the long haul and they come together with others in the community to share the load, but Ross is reluctant to accept their help. Almost a year after Beth’s death the situation unexpectedly comes to a head and Ross has to finally connect with his own grief and let go. He realises he has the support he needs to continue and that his son Bruce needs to find his own place in the world.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Orlando Stewart
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    International Competition
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