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Paul Katis – Kilo Two Bravo #TFF33

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Living the Afghanistan war from the inside, to understand the trials humanity has to go through to remain as such.

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Paul Katis – director – Kilo Two Bravos

Paul Katis constructed an astonishing first feature, the story of a group of British soldiers in the War in Afghanistan. There is no room for imagination or fictionalisation of the events that are precisely reported in the film.

Straight to the point, dry and pressing, at a high pace and never compromising, KILO TWO BRAVO is a war movie with a completely new perspective, and an intensity that will keep the audience glued to their seats: reality can be more terrifying than any fiction.

KILO TWO BRAVO: Afghanistan, Kajaki region. The paratrooper squad Kilo Two Bravo is on a mission to neutralize a Taliban road bloc. The platoon is exploring a dry riverbed that turned into a gorge, when the soldiers are ambushed by the remnants of a distant war: the landmines left by the Soviets during their invasion in the early 1980s are buried all around them, making it impossible for the troop to move out of fear of triggering a bloodshed.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Paul Katis
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  • Film title
    Kilo Two Bravo
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    After Hours
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