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Peter Kerekes – 107 Mothers #Venezia78

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4 min. and 44 sec.

Kerekes delivers a portrait of a female universe rich in humanity.

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4 min. and 44 sec.

PODCAST |Ilaria Gomarasca interviews Peter Kerekes, director of the film 107 Mothers.

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An interesting talk with Peter Kerekes, director of 107 Mothers, a choral portrait of women in an Ukranian jail. Almost all the characters are played by real convicts and the director spent several months overs many years in order to know their stories and film them..

107 Mothers: Lesya has committed a crime of passion which brings her a seven-year sentence in one of Odessa’s women’s correctional facilities. She has just given birth to her first child, and now she is entering a world populated only by women: inmates, nurses and wardens, women of all ages, wives and widows, daughters, sisters, pregnant women, and women with children. If not for the colour of the uniform, it would sometimes be hard to tell who is who.

  • Reporter
    Ilaria Gomarasca
  • Guest
    Peter Kerekes
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    107 Mothers
  • Festival section
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