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Radha Mitchell, Odessa Young – Looking for Grace #Venezia72

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Two actresses palying a family on the screen can become a kind of one in real life too.

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Radha Mitchell, Odessa Young – actress – Looking for Grace

What an actress can do on screen is a lot of what she is in real life. Radha and Odessa, two actresses of different generations made it to give a shining portrait of their respective femininity and roles in LOOKING FOR GRACE. and listening to their words makes us understand why.

LOOKING FOR GRACE: Grace, 16, runs away from home. Her parents, Dan and Denise, head off on the road to across the Western Australian wheat belt with a retired detective, Norris, to try and get her back. But life unravels faster than they can put it back together. Grace, Dan and Denise learn that life is confusing and arbitrary, but wonderful. Looking For Grace is about how we make sense of the mess of our lives and what it all means. It is a wry drama about lies, secrets, small and large griefs and love.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Radha Mitchell, Odessa Young
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  • Film title
    Looking for Grace
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