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Radu Jude – Aferim! #Berlinale

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AFERIM!, A Western Inspired Gipsy tale to trace the roots of every prejudice and racism in modern society.

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Radu Jude – Filmmaker – AFERIM!

FRED’s Chiara Nicoletti meets Romanian director Radu Jude in Berlin to present his third feature film Aferim! which is in competition at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival.

Jude sets his third film in a wider space and in a past time, 19th century Romania, using Western genre elements to turn the film into an Eastern tale of Gypsy slavery. This vintage touch, the use of B&W and the ironic way in which historical facts and dialogues are build make the film a unique experiment in the New Wave of Romanian cinema.

Plot: In 19th century Romania, Costandin, a policeman of the time and his son travel through the country in search of a fugitive Gypsy slave.

  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
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    Radu Jude
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    Main Competition
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