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Roger Michell – Blackbird #67SSIFF

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15 min. and 55 sec.

The director talks to FRED about this adaptation of the Danish film Silent Heart.

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15 min. and 55 sec.

PODCAST | David Martos interviews Roger Michell, director of the film Blackbird.

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Roger Michell, who had a great success with Notting Hill, speaks about how difficult is it to finance new films, working with Susan Sarandon or addressing the moral debate on euthanasia.

Blackbird: Lily (Susan Sarandon) is dying and by the end of this weekend, she’ll be dead. The pain of losing herself to illness is too much to bear so she decides, with help from her husband, Paul (Sam Neill), that she’ll expedite the process and invites her family to the house so they can spend her final days together.

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    David Martos
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    Roger Michell
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    Official Selection
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