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Rosa Tran – Anomalisa #Venezia72

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How to bring Charlie Kauffman ‘s creative vision to life with the stop motion animation technique

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Rosa Tran – producer – Anomalisa

After talking to directors Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson for their film ANOMALISA, the stop motion animation film in competition at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival, we thought that we still had to know more about this perfect combination of art house cinema and animation techniques. This is why, by talking to producer Rosa Tran we could somehow complete our experience with Anomalisa.

Rosa Tran is an award-winning producer in the highly specialized world of stop-motion and live action animation and in this interview, she explains every phase of how she turned Charlie Kaufman’s creative vision into a stop motion animation film and how she managed to bring life to these puppets and actually let them become as real as possible. Producer Rosa Tran also comments on the difficulties of producing an arthouse film and the decision of also using the Kickstarter platform to complete the budget for the film.

ANOMALISA: Directed by Kaufman along with Duke Johnson, “Anomalisa” tells the story of a man who struggles with his inability to connect with other people. “Anomalisa’s” journey to the screen began in 2012, when the filmmakers turned to Kickstarter to fund their ambitious stop-motion animated picture.

The fundraising campaign raised nearly double their initial financial goals, setting a new Kickstarter record for film fundraising. Jennifer Jason Leigh, David Thewlis, and Tom Noonan voice the film. Tran built a name for herself working on seminal Adult Swim shows like “Robot Chicken,” “Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole,” “Moral Orel,” “Titan Maximum,” and “MAD.” She credits her love of animation and miniatures with helping foster her imaginative approach to production and ability to push the boundaries and technological barriers of the industry. Tran began working in animation when she joined the puppet department in 2007 on Adult Swim’s hit series, “Robot Chicken.” Before animation, she worked on various live action projects for MTV, Spike, WE, and Comedy Central. Her work in both has given her a unique perspective that enhances her expertise in producing creative content.

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