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Sanna Lenken – My Skinny Sister #YAA2015

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One of the films nominated for the 2015 EFA Young Audience Award.

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Sanna Lenken – director – My Skinny Sister

Director Sanna Lenken talks about her film My Skinny Sister, which is nominated for this year’s EFA Young Audience Award.

MY SKINNY SISTER: 12-year-old Stella’s big sister Katja (Swedish singer Amy Diamond in her screen debut) is a major figure skating talent. Her parents admire her and Stella looks up to her. But their mother is under a lot of stress and their father is preoccupied. Stella is the only one who really has the time to look close and see the truth; Katja isn’t feeling well. She is practicing too much and she barely eats a thing. Through the eyes of her desperate little sister (wonderfully portrayed by Rebecka Josephson, who is a real find) we follow a painful battle against a horrible illness and a family whose whole existence falls apart.

My Skinny Sister is a powerful and moving family drama about sisterhood and fallen ice princesses, with great acting through and through.

EFA YOUNG AUDIENCE AWARD: In a truly European vote, 12-14-year-old audiences in Aalborg (Denmark), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Athens (Greece), Barcelona (Spain), Belgrade (Serbia), Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Erfurt (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey), Izola (Slovenia), Kiev (Ukraine), London (UK), Malmö (Sweden), Prizren (Kosovo), Riga (Latvia), Skopje (FYR Macedonia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Tallinn (Estonia), Tbilisi (Georgia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Turin (Italy), Valletta (Malta), Wroclaw (Poland) and Zagreb (Croatia) will elect the winner of the European Film Academy Young Audience Award 2015 on the 3rd of May during Young Audience Film Day.

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  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
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    Sanna Lenken
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    My Skinny Sister
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    EFA Young Audience Award
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