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A road movie to rebuild a father-son relationship

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Helle Nächte / Bright Nights

PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti interviews Thomas Arslan, director of the film Bright Nights.

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Fred’s Chiara Nicoletti meets Thomas Arslan, director of Bright Nights, in competition at the 67th Berlinale. After Gold, Arslan decided it was time to explore a more intimate subject and to tell a story on family relationships and the possibility of rebuilding them after a long silence. Bright Nights is essentially a road movie through the streets and highways in Norway and it stars Tristan Gobel and Austrian actor Georg Friedrich. Sometimes we tend to repeat our parents’ mistake, falling into a pattern, a cycle that we can’t seem to stop. Bright Nights investigates on the possibilities we have of breaking a loop, of really choosing another path and another way to be parents or sons.

Bright Nights: Berlin-based engineer Michael must travel to Norway for his father‘s funeral. His sister is unwilling to go, and Michael is left alone with his 14-year-old son Luis, with whom he has always had minimal contact. Michael tries to bond with Luis while exploring the remote region of northern Norway for a few days. But their first trip together is much more difficult than expected. Daily interaction is unfamiliar territory to both, and Luis obviously holds a grudge because of his father‘s negligence. But during these longest days of summer, Michael is determined to break a bittersweet father-son pattern.

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