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Ursula McFarlane – Untouchable #ZFF2019

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The Hollywood nightmare.

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PODCAST | Nicolò Comotti interviews Ursula McFarlane, director of the film Untouchable.

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Internationally acclaimed director Ursula McFarlane, along with journalist and friend Neptune Ingwersen, sits down with us to talk about her latest work: Untouchable. The untouchable in question is none other than the former king of American independent cinema Harvey Weinstein. McFarlane’s film sheds a mature and shocking light on the systematic patterns that the producer used throughout the years to take advantage of young actresses and their dream of being part of the starry Hollywood world.

Untouchable: Visionary. Mogul. Bully. Monster. With his company Miramax, Harvey Weinstein achieved a brilliant breakthrough in the late 1980s to become one of the most influential producers in the American film industry. Until it all came crashing down with a barrage of allegations: harassment, blackmail, sexual assault, rape. How is it possible that it has taken more than three decades for Weinstein’s unscrupulous house of cards to collapse? What role did we play as a society? Based on the testimony of investigative journalists, former employees and the courageous female prosecutors, filmmaker Ursula Macfarlane records the incredible story of a rapid ascent – and an even deeper fall.

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    Nicolò Comotti
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    Ursula McFarlane
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