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Valentina Maffucci – Crossmedia Factory

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Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things at the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino during the TFF

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Valentina Maffucci – co-founder – Crossmedia Factory

FRED’s Chiara Nicoletti meets Valentina Maffucci, co-founder with Sabrina Giacardi of Crossmedia factory which, in collaboration with the National Cinema Museum in Turin, brought the crossmedia project Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things to the TFF.

Valentina talks to us about this first experience with the project, the collaboration with the Museum that allowed them to place the first edition during the TFF at the MOLE Antonelliana and explains in detail what Crossmedia means.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things is an experimental project spearheaded by Lance Weiler, the director of the Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University. It managed to connect over 60 countries around the world and 1000 collaborators. The project addresses the possible interaction between new narrative forms and the emerging universe of the so-called “internet of things” (interconnected “smart- objects).

As Crossmedia Factory, we decided to launch the Italian version of the event, which is technically called an “immersive storytelling game” and can be somewhat described as a cross between a role playing game, theatrical impro and the latest technology. And, as per the title, it draws its inspiration from the storyworld of Sherlock Holmes.”

  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Valentina Maffucci
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  • Film title
    Crossmedia Factory
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    Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things - National Cinema Museum of Torino Project
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