2015 When East Meets West

Veselka Kyriakova and Milko Lazarov – Nanook #WEMW

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9 min. and 56 sec.

We explore one of the projects pitched at the When East Meets West co-production market in Trieste, Italy.

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9 min. and 56 sec.

Veselka Kyriakova / Milko Lazarov – Producer / Director – Nanook

Producer Kyriakova and director Lazarov talk about their new project – a film based on the life of an Inuit family,  which they pitched at the When East Meets West co-production market. They explain how they dread the pitching process, what the production value of their film is and the main challenges that the making of their project will entail (such as location and the weather…)

The film narrates the story of Nanook and his wife Selma, who are still living the old fashioned and traditional Inuit lifestyle in their igloo, even as the world around them is constantly changing and embracing the modern ways. When Selma gets sick, Nanook calls upon their daughter to come back home. This creates a clash between the modern and old values, which exlodes withing the family context.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Veselka Kyriakova / Milko Lazarov
  • Interviewee role
    Producer / Director
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    Selected Projects
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