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Yonfan – No. 7 Cherry Lane #Venezia76

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A love letter to Hong Kong and cinema.

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6 min. and 52 sec.

PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Yonfan, director of the film No. 7 Cherry Lane. 

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Yonfan presented his latest film, No. 7 Cherry Lane, in the main competition of the 2019 Venice International Film Festival. This film also feels historic because it is the first Hong Kong production to compete for the main prize at the Venice festival in nearly a decade, the first film directed by Yonfan in about a decade and his first work of animation – though he likes to define it a “motion picture,” and he tells us why here. Also in this interview, the director talks about the sexuality expressed in this movie and what it is that makes it a love letter to Hong Kong and cinema.

No. 7 Cherry Lane: During the rise of the materialistic comfort of life in the 1960s, there emerges an undercurrent of danger in Hong Kong. Ji yuan tai qi hao tells the tale of Ziming, a Hong Kong University undergraduate, entangled between his amorous feelings for Mrs Yu, a self-exiled mother from Taiwan in the White Terror period, and her beautiful daughter Meiling. He takes them to different movies and through a series of magical moments on the big screen, forbidden passions are revealed. The era coincides with Hong Kong’s turbulent times of 1967.

To learn more about the film here the Festival Page.

Here the film website.

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