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Song Yang – Wrath of Silence #IFFAM2017

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A martial arts movie star graduates to the role of a protagonist of arthouse films.

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PODCAST| Matt Micucci interviews Song Yang, actor of the film Wrath of Silence.

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Actor Song Yang talk about his work on Wrath of Silence, directed by Xin Yukun, on which he plays the leading role and that was screened at the 2nd International Film Festival & Award Macao. In this film, Song Yang plays a mute; the challenge entailed acting in silence for the whole film. Yang point out another challenge that working on Wrath of Silence entailed: the fact that it is set in a rural setting, which meant that he had to lose some of his city habits, having been brought up and lived in a city environment all his life. Besides this, another challenge came from the fact that Song Yang normally acts in martial arts films and TV serials; though he gets physical in this film as well, Wrath of Silence is more dramatic. We ask him about this and about his work with the director.

Wrath of Silence: In a small mineral mining town in the mountains of northern China, a miner Zhang Baomin returns to his small family sheep farm only to learn that his young son Lei hasn’t come back from shepherding for two days. He begins a search for the boy which stirs up anxiety, resentment and distrust among the townsfolk who turn a blind eye to the reality of a missing child. But Zhang does not stop the search even when he comes head to head with the corruption and danger that permeates the local mining business.


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    Matt Micucci
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    Song Yang
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    Wrath of Silence
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