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Agniezka Moody – Creative Europe Desk UK #FredAtSchool

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Creative Europe’s growing interest in audience development in the audiovisual sector.

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Agniezka Moody – director – Creative Europe Desk UK

This is an extract from the first FRED at School conference, which took place on the 2nd of July 2015 at the Regent Street Cinema, London, UK.

This extract features Agniezka Moody, director of the Creative Europe Desk UK. The inaugural edition of FRED at School was featured in the Creative Europe programme, and aimed to raise awareness of European cinema among young people.

Agniezka Moody talks about Creative Europe’s involvement in projects in the audiovisual sector and its increasing interest in projects dealing with audience developments. Among them, of course, FRED at School, which also embodied its aim in achieving such goals on a more international level. But she also talks about other projects supported by Creative Europe, such as the BFI’s European Framework for Film Education (UK), CineKid (The Netherlands) and ABCinema (Italy).

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    Agniezka Moody
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    Creative Europe Desk UK
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    FRED at School Conference
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