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Ian Wall, Mark Reid, Nick Walker – Film literacy #FredAtSchool

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The importance of film literacy and the challenges it faces.

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Ian Wall – director – The Film Space / Mark Reid – Head of Education – BFI / Nick Walker – British national coordinator – FRED at School

This is an extract from the first FRED at School conference, which was held on the 2nd of July 2015 at the Regent Street Cinema, London, UK.

This extract is a short round table discussion featuring experts in the subject of film literacy Ian Wall, head of The Film Space, and Mark Reid, head of education of the British Film Institute (BFI), moderated by Nick Walker, British national coordinator of the FRED at School project.

The short but intense discussion briefly covers many key topics and arguments relating to film literacy and education. One of these is the matter of subtitling, and the benefit of introducing European cinema to students from an early age. Another is the argument that students aged from 11 to 13, which is generally the transition age from primary school to secondary school, that despite being a quite formative age is left in the dark as far as the audiovisual sector is concerned.

Another topic raised is that regarding the educators themselves, the teachers, and the way in which the vast majority of projects take it for granted that teachers watch European cinema. Therefore, the argument is that teachers should first be made confident that they will be able to teach their students in order to encourage the introduction of film literacy in classrooms.

  • Guest
    Ian Wall / Mark Reid / Nick Walker
  • Interviewee role
    Director / Head of Education / UK national coordinator
  • Film title
    The Film Space / BFI / Fred at School
  • Festival section
    FRED at School conference
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