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Kathy Loizou – Children’s Film First Conference #FilmFirst15

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In Brussels a new Europe-wide Conference for everyone who works with children to educate and inspire them about film

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Kathy Loizou – director – Children’s Film First Conference

On the occasion of the upcoming CHILDREN’S FILM FIRST CONFERENCE taking place in Brussels on the 23rd and 24th of September, Kathy Loizou, director of the Children’s Media Conference, tells FRED’s Chiara Nicoletti about this new Europe-Wide Conference she organized and managed with the CMC and how these two days have been structured and planned.

The Conference will cover many aspects such as the Ways to engage children in film and the Use of digital technology in film literacy. There will be many case studies and practical sessions. Among the programme highlights, a Creative Keynote by Boudewijn koole, director of “kauwboy” who will be talking about the importance of film for children in Europe and engaging children in European Films via film literacy. There will also be a Film Industry Panel on : Access to Children’s film – Current and future distribution models.

The Children’s Media Conference is the UK’s premier gathering for everyone involved in children’s content and distribution. Over 1000 delegates come to the conference every July in Sheffield. In addition to the main summer conference, the CMC organises a number of activities during the year, all for the UK kids’ content industry: UK@Kidscreen delegation, CMC Rights Exchange and Manimation. The CMC is proud to be organising the Children’s Film First Conference.

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    Chiara Nicoletti
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    Kathy Loizou
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    Children's Film First Conference
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