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Maria Grazia Girotto – National Cinema Museum of Turin #TFF32

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Close Encounters of the Digital Kind at the National Cinema Museum of Turin.

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Maria Grazia Girotto – Head of Marketing and Communication – National Cinema Museum of Turin

Fred’s Chiara Nicoletti meets Maria Grazia Girotto, head of marketing and communication at the National Cinema Museum of Turin, to talk about the new technologies at the Museum and the new crowfunding platform The National Cinema Museum is implementing a project for using technologies aimed at improving visitor experiences for all kinds of public, facilitating knowledge about its exhibits, allowing visitors to choose personalised circuits, sharing and increasing one’s experience, both before and after one’s visit to the Museum.Starting from the consideration that an ever widening public is using its own smartphone or tablet to gain access to information and to communicate, the Museum has chosen to increase our visitors’ engagement, by offering added content and free internet.It is possible to read TAGs with one’s smartphone or tablet or thanks to the iPads made available at the Museum, through the Museum’s Microsoft TAG app. Through TAGs it is possible to discover curiosities and anecdotes, to see photos and videos about the exhibits on display, but also about the collections preserved in the Museum’s vaults (with information of the sort “Did you know that…?”), to check their events calendar, to create links between their showcase areas or other Museum locations.

Maria Grazia Girotto also presents, the crowdfunding site designed by the National Cinema Museum of Turin to raise funds for projects which could not be activated without direct donations by film buffs and experts.

The objective of this programme is to encourage the public’s concrete participation in programmes for the conservation and development of the museum’s collections and activities. Connected to the museum’s official site, this permanent platform uses the net to raise funds for projects which will be posted as they are organized.

The museum’s first project is the restoration of Marco Ferreri’s film L’udienza, carried out in collaboration with the film archive, Cineteca di Bologna. It is part of a larger project to develop the Fondo Marco Ferreri, donated in 2007 to the museum by Jacqueline Ferreri which includes some of the director’s precious personal material: screen-tests, set photos and filming, documents and scripts, posters and promo is a rewards-based platform, where whoever decides to invest in a project receives benefits directly proportional to the amount donated. Packages, listed in increasing value, can be paid for by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer and all donations are tax deductible with the receipt.

The project has been realized in partnership with So Simple and Sub-Ti and thanks to the contribution of Reale Mutua, Reale Mutua – Agenzia Antonelliana, Rear,, up provider, Euphon; The media partners for the project are and Fred Film Radio.

  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Maria Grazia Girotto
  • Interviewee role
    Head of Marketing and Communication
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