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Sandra Muzzolini – I.I.S. “Magrini-Marchetti” #FredAtSchool

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The challenge of teaching the art of film to an “impatient generation”

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Sandra Muzzolini – teacher – I.I.S. “Magrini-Marchetti”

This is an extract from the first FRED at School conference, which took place on the 2nd of July 2015 at the Regent Street Cinema in London, UK.

This extract features Sandra Muzzolini, teacher of one of the schools involved in the project, I.I.S. “Magrini-Marchetti” of Gemona, Italy. She stands as a representative of the innovative teachers involved in the project, without whom FRED at School would not have existed.

She discusses the role of the teacher during the course of the inaugural edition of FRED at School, and the challenge that an ambition audience development and film literacy programme posed them – namely dealing with what Sandra describes as an “impatient generation”, exposing them to film and teaching them about film without the distraction of popcorn and other fickle things.

On top of this, she also concludes by presenting us with a list of things she believes FRED at School achieved in its first run, in terms of teaching students about the cultural value of cinema but also through the process of making clips and understanding the different points of views and perspective that may be subjective in reactions to film.

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    Sandra Muzzolini
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    I.I.S. "Magrini-Marchetti"
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    FRED at School Conference
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