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Walter Salles – Foreign Land #Berlinale

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4 min. and 39 sec.

Filmmaker Walter Salles, an expert in the field, talks about road movies.

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4 min. and 39 sec.

Walter Salles – Filmmaker – Foreign Land (Terra Estrangeira)

This is an extract from the Berlinale Talents Master Class “Road, Movie: Films in Motion” from the 65th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival. In this extract, filmmaker Walter Salles talks about a little bit about the history and influences of the road movie and gives an example from his own experience on working on his first feature film Foreign Land (Terra Estrangeira)

Brazilian writer, director and producer. His 1998 film CENTRAL STATION won the Golden Bear in Berlin, while his following films BEHIND THE SUN and the Che Guevara diary adaptation THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES won several awards at Cannes and Venice. His latest fiction films LINHA DE PASSE and the Jack Kerouac adaptation ON THE ROAD both premiered at Cannes, after which he returned to his roots as a documentary filmmaker.

Click here to listen to the fill “Road, Movie: Films in Motion” Berlinale Talents masterclass on FRED Extra.

  • Guest
    Walter Salles
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Foreign Land (Terra Estrangeira)
  • Festival section
    Berlinale Talents
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