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Workshop on Cinema Accessibility #Venezia77

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65 min. and 15 sec.

An intensive workshop hosted by prof. Elena Di Giovanni, fostered by SubTi Ltd. 

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65 min. and 15 sec.

PODCAST | Listen to Professor Elena Di Giovanni’s workshop on Cinema Accessibility from Venice International Film Festival 2020.

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Professor Elena Di Giovanni hosts a training course on Cinema Accessibility for people with sensory impairments, as part of Giornate degli Autori 2020 programme.

Elena Di Giovanni, Associate Professor of Audiovisual Translation at the University of Macerata and professional film translator, has a degree in Specialised Translation from the University of Bologna and a Ph.D. in English for Special Purposes and Audiovisual Translation from the University of Naples Federico II and the University of Bologna. Since November 4, 2016, she is President of ESIST, European Association for Studies in Screen Translation.

This workshop on Cinema Accessibility is fostered by SubTi Ltd.

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