Nina Reviers, Anna Jankowska, Gert Vercauteren #ARSAD2023

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ARSAD 2023 and Media for All 10: audio description and media accessibility beyond their traditional boundaries.

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9 min. and 23 sec.

PODCAST | Francesca Raffi interviews Nina Reviers, Anna Jankowska and Gert Vercauteren.

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Nina Reviers, Anna Jankowska and Gert Vercauteren from University of Antwerp tell us more about ARSAD 2023: audio description experiences in diverse formats and environments, creation and translation, training, technologies and user involvement. Nina, Anna and Gert also give us a preview of the next international event dedicated to media accessibility and audiovisual translation in general: Media for All 10 and its main theme, “human agency in the age of technology”.

ARSAD 2023 Since 2007, ARSAD has been the meeting point for researchers, industry, trainers, trainees, users, practitioners, regulators, broadcasters, policy makers, social activists, cultural managers and anyone interested in audio description. After an edition moved online due to the pandemic, the ARSAD community meets again in Barcelona (20-21 April 2023) to discuss the latest trends and challenges in audio description.

MEDIA4ALL The Transmedia research group organised its first conference in Barcelona in 2005. Ever since, Media for All has travelled all over Europe and beyond. The 10th edition of Media For All will take place in Antwerp (July 6-7, 2023) and the the focus will be on the role of human agents in the translation process. Media For All 10 aims to map the changing profiles of stakeholders in the field of AVT and MA, practice and research, and elicit the many complex relations in which human agents engage.

  • Reporter
    Francesca Raffi
  • Guest
    Nina Reviers, Anna Jankowska and Gert Vercauteren.
  • Interviewee role
    Nina Reviers, tenure-track professors in Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility at the Department of Applied Linguistics, Translators and Interpreters, University of Antwerp; Anna Jankowska, Professor at the Department of Translators and Interpreters of University of Antwerp; Gert Vercauteren, tenure track professor at the Department of Applied Linguistics of the University of Antwerp
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