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Udi Nir – Viral #Docaviv21

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A vision of 2020 through the lens of a diverse range of YouTubers.

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13 min. and 49 sec.

PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Udi Nir, director of the film Viral.

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A conversation with Udi Nir, co director with Sagi Bornstein, of the film Viral, which premiered at this year’s Docaviv. The film retraces the general tumult of 2020 via the first-hand documentation of a diverse range of YouTubers. In this interview, Nir discusses the genesis of this project and his interest in YouTube and social media, as well as how their rise in popularity may even have impacted the film industry and cinematic language.

Viral: Composed entirely of videos uploaded to social media in 2020, Viral tells the story of a new generation, coming of age during a global pandemic. Seven YouTubers in their early 20’s all have big plans for 2020, but as the year unfolds the world around them starts to change dramatically: news of a new virus emerges, Black Lives Matter protests take to the streets, the US elects a new president, and an economic crisis is looming on the horizon. As the YouTubers try to find their way in this increasingly unforeseeable future, they turn to social media to communicate and express themselves, while documenting everything from long distance relationships, to unemployment and financial hardships, to surprising political awakenings.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Udi Nir
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    Israeli Competition
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