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Želimir Žilnik – Filmmaker #23rdSFF

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The Serbian film director at the 11th Talents Sarajevo.

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PODCAST | Mónika Bajnóczi interviews filmmaker Želimir Žilnik at the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival.

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Besides his jury duties, Želimir Žilnik gave a lecture about documentary filmmaking as well as telling the story behind his latest movie. During a talk moderated by festival doc programmer Rada Sesic, the internationally renowned director – alongside Rati Oneli, the director of award-winning documentary City of the Sun – discussed the notion of creating filmic “characters” from real-life subjects as well as giving an insight in the creative process of making his latest doc, Logbook Serbistan.

Logbook Serbistan follows a bunch of refugees arriving from war zones and seeking asylum in Serbia. Most of them, however, plan to continue their journey to EU countries. As a follow-up to the lecture, he went into details of financial issues of production given the delicacy of the topic in the Central European region, finding, getting to know and keeping in touch with the main characters even after parting ways at the Hungarian border, the overall positive reaction from refugees to his idea of documenting their travels, and how the medium of film gave an opportunity to these people to express their thoughts.

Interview by Mónika Bajnóczi, one of the members of Talents Press at the 11th Talents Sarajevo.


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    Mónika Bajnóczi
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    Želimir Žilnik
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    Talents Sarajevo
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