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Hiroki Ryuchi – Phases of the Moon #Fareastfilmfestival

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The belief in reincarnation is widespread in Southeast Asia but less so in the Western world. As a result, Phases of the Moon, a multi-layered drama by Hiroki Ryuichi where reincarnation is the main theme, might face challenges in overcoming certain cultural and religious barriers.

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PODCAST | Laura Della Corte interviews Hiroki Ryuchi, director the film Phases of the Moon 

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In the interview with Hiroki Ryuchi, director of Phases of the Moon, we talked about the details hidden in the movie that recalls another movie “A Swedish Love Story” and how the director adapted the bestselling novel by Sato Shogo.

Phases of the Moon: Kei Osanai enjoys a peaceful and happy life with his wife Kozue and daughter Ruri, but his wife and daughter die in an accident. Kei’s life suddenly changes. One day, a man named Akihiko Misumi visits Kei and tells him that the day Kozue and Ruri died, Ruri, who was a complete stranger to him, was visiting him. Akihiko tells him about a woman named Ruri Masaki, whom he once loved. These people, who don’t appear to be related, connect under the name of love.

  • Reporter
    Laura Della Corte
  • Guest
    Hiroki Ryuchi
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Phases of the Moon
  • Festival section
    European Premiere
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