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Adam Bessa – Harka #Cannes2022

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Portraying a complex character in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

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PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti interviews Adam Bessa, actor of the film Harka.

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Directed by Lofty Nathan, Harka, screening at the 75th Festival de Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section, is a film about “those who remain” says the director, depicting the aftermath of the Arab Spring and the people who stayed in the country, in Tunisia, hoping for a change. Ali, the protagonist is played by Adam Bessa who explains the contradictions within his character. Lofty Nathan talks about Ali in his director’s notes with these words: “Our young protagonist, Ali, is the child of a revolution whose promise has failed him. But beyond its political context, this is a family story, into which I wove experiences from my own upbringing. There is a special, universal pride in being able to provide for family – and on the other side of that, shame, helplessness and emptiness when it can’t be done.”

Harka: Tunisia, North Africa. Ali, a young man in his twenties, makes a precarious living selling contraband gas on the streets. Ali dreams of a better life for himself – but his domestic responsibilities step up when his father’s sudden death leaves him in charge of his two young sisters. With the family facing impending eviction, Ali seeks steadier work and a stable life. In a society fraught with corruption, however, only illicit opportunities present themselves; and Ali is confronted with a decision from which there may be no turning back. Anchored by a thrilling performance by rising star Adam Bessa (THE BLESSED; HAUTE COUTURE; MOSUL; EXTRACTION 2), Lotfy Nathan’s feature film debut is a gripping and unforgettable portrait of a struggle for dignity and a cry to be heard.

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    Chiara Nicoletti
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    Adam Bessa
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    Un certain regard
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