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Aenne Schwarz – All Good #IFFAM2018

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Playing the role of a woman who refuses to be a victim.

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10 min. and 8 sec.

PODCAST| Matt Micucci interviews Aenne Schwarz, actress of the film All Good.

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Actress Aenne Schwarz talks about All Good, directed by Eva Trobisch, which was featured in the competition program of the 3rd International Film Festival of Macao. She plays the role of the protagonist of the film, Janne, who, in short, is raped but refuses to let the experience put her in the position of a victim. In this interview, Schwarz talks about this as well as her own thoughts on the narrative that is used to talk about rape and whether working on this film helped her see things from a different perspective. We close this interview by also asking her simply why it is that she acts.

All Good: “If you don’t see any problems, you don’t have any” is Janne’s attitude regarding the fact that her new boss’s brother-in-law has forced himself on her one night after a party. She keeps the incident under wraps and lets everything take its normal course. Her silence has consequences, though, and not just for her relationship with her boyfriend.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
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    Aenne Schwarz
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    All Good
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