Agnieszka Holland – Charlatan #Berlinale2020

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17 min. and 56 sec.

The tale of the life a famous healer and his love story with his assistant. Holland explores again the link between the private and the political.

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17 min. and 56 sec.

PODCAST | Angelo Acerbi interviews Agnieszka Holland, director of the film Charlatan.

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Agnieszka Holland is an outspoken and a political film director who always manages to tell private stories with political resonance. She talks in this interview about her approach to the film, her career, censorship and being a woman director, when she started and in present days.

Charlatan:  Jan Mikolášek is the epitome of aplomb and solidarity. He is talented, sensitive, assertive and enigmatic. In his youth and when he is older, regardless of whether he is in private or public, he is a man of action, reason and intuition. A faith healer. Just one glance at the urine bottle is enough for him to know what ails his patient. With fame comes fortune, and this at a time when Czechoslovakia is a pawn in a game being played by the major power blocs. Protected and used by both the National Socialist and Communist regimes, he steps in wherever the system fails. But during the post-Stalinist years, the political climate becomes unpredictable and his special status is endangered. Along with his assistant František, with whom, as the secret police are well aware, he has much more in common than herbal medicine, the charlatan finds his morals being put to the test. Based on the life of Jan Mikolášek (1889–1973), and with a screenplay by Marek Epstein, Agnieszka Holland once again explores the link between the private and the political, and the relationship between the passage of time and the story of an unconventional individual.

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    Angelo Acerbi
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    Agnieszka Holland
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    Berlinale Special Gala
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