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Akihiro Shiot, Yuki Mamiya – Wet Woman in the Wind #NYAFF17

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A gripping homage to Roman Porno, and other popular Asian subgenres in the 70s

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5 min. and 8 sec.

PODCAST | Samantha Sartori interviews Akihiro Shiota and Yuki Mamiya, director and actress of the film Wet Woman in the Wind – Kaze ni Nureta Onna.

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At the North American Premier of Wet woman in the wind we met the director Akihiro Shiota and the protagonist Yuki Mamiya. We talk about how Shiota was involved in this project and the challenge for Yuki Mamiya to play a very physically intense role in this unique and unforgettable interpretation of a genre that reveals a new twist: the role of the woman. Thanks to the interpreter Yuko Torihara.

Wet Woman in the Wind – Kaze ni Nureta Onna: a tornado of unbridled sexual desire is unleashed when a free-spirited seductress sets her sights on a reclusive playwright in this stream-of-consciousness tale. This striking entry in Nikkatsu’s “Roman Porno” redux series transcends its sexploitation raison d’être by featuring a character who overturns the inhibitions of all who cross her path. Director Shiota cuts to the chase, taking advantage of the subgenre’s sparse requirements: there’s a sex scene every ten minutes with a total running time no longer than 80 minutes. The gleefully anarchic plot explores the human psyche through sexuality within a psychodrama that is as hilarious as it is titillating. Featuring a tour de force performance by Yuki Mamiya, Wet Woman in the Wind may prove to be the visceral climax of the series. North American Premiere.

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  • Reporter
    Samantha Sartori
  • Guest
    Akihiro Shiota and Yuki Mamiya
  • Interviewee role
    director and actress
  • Film title
    Wet Woman in the Wind - Kaze ni Nureta Onna
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