Alexandre Koberidze – What do we see when we look at the sky? #Berlinale2021

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A love story, the evil eye, Notti Magiche and Nanni Moretti: tradition, superstition and italian cinema in Koberidze’s cinema at the Berlinale.

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8 min. and 18 sec.

PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti interviews Alexandre Koberidze, director of the film What do we see when we look at the sky?

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To depict a love story wasn’t enough for Alexandre Koberidze in What do we see when we look at the sky?, in competition at the 71st Berlinale. The film starts as a love story, an impossible one as it is suddenly and soon cursed by an evil spell but then embraces so many other themes: everyday life with kids playing and going to school, soccer games and the World championship being watched, magical realism and a touch of Italian cinema thanks to the Nanni Moretti references. Koberidze walks us through his film, its genesis (a jet stone he used to wear, as a child, meant to protect him from the evil eye) and its elements.

What do we see when we look at the sky? : It’s love at first sight when Lisa and Giorgi meet by chance on a street in the Georgian city of Kutaisi. Love strikes them so suddenly; they even forget to ask each other’s names. Before continuing on their way, they agree to meet the next day. Little do they know that an evil eye casts its spell on them. Will they manage to meet again? And if they do, will they know who they are? Life goes on as usual in their hometown, street dogs stray, the soccer world cup begins and a film crew on its quest to find true love might be what they need.

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  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
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    Alexandre Koberidze
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    What do we see when we look at the sky?
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