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Alica Bednáriková – Liquid Bread #KVIFF56

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11 min. and 3 sec.

Satire and sense of humour as the best ways to direct a family portrait. In Future Frames Slovak director Alica Bednáriková discusses family and women in cinema

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11 min. and 3 sec.

PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti interviews Alica Bednáriková, director of the film Liquid Bread.

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Can humour and satire be the key in cinema as in life to tackle some difficult topics? In Future Frames Slovak director Alica Bednáriková answers with a film, Liquid Bread which manages to portray three generations in a sarcastic, ironic though serious way. The director also talks about the condition of women in cinema nowadays and the change the industry is hopefully really going through.

Liquid Bread: Three generations of a seemingly ordinary family gather at the family home in southern Slovakia. The arrival of the granddaughter Zoja doesn’t cause any major issues, though perhaps just a little more alcohol is consumed, one more family secret comes out, one minor tragedy occurs … Liquid Bread is a family portrait – and a portrait of a family portrait. Working with a playful curiosity, Slovak director Alica Bednáriková explores the possibilities of the film script, its (self-)reflection, and cinematic narrative as such, thus showing that a classical subject can be approached from a fresh angle and with a sense of humor.

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  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Alica Bednáriková
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Liquid Bread
  • Festival section
    Future Frames: Generation NEXT of European Cinema
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