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Anne Fontaine, Finnegan Oldfield – Marvin #Venezia74

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How to suffering from being singled out as “different”

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Anne Fontaine and Finnegan Oldfield,  director and actor of the film Marvin.

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Director Anne Fontaine and actor Finnegan Oldfield stopped at our studio in Venice to talk about their film, Marvin, presented in the Orizzonti section of Venezia 74. The film revolves around the title character, played by Oldfield, who escapes his life of suffering from being singled out as “different.” Fontaine talks about the possibility of doing this through art, while Oldfield chats about how he was able to connect with the character he plays.

Marvin: Martin Clément, born Marvin Bijou, has escaped. He has escaped a little village in the countryside. He has escaped his family, his father’s tyranny and his mother’s resignation. He has escaped intolerance, rejection and the bullying he suffered from being singled out as “different.” Against all odds, he has found allies. First Madeleine Clément, the middle school principal who introduced him to theater, whose surname he will later adopt as a symbol of his salvation. Then Abel Pinto, his mentor and role model, who will encourage him to tell his story on stage. Finally, Isabelle Huppert (who plays herself) will help him get his show produced and bring it to life. Marvin/Martin will risk everything to create this show that represents so much more than success: it is his path to self-realization.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
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    Anne Fontaine, Finnegan Oldfield
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    Director, Actor
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