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Antonio Lukich – Luxembourg, Luxembourg #Venezia79

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Growing up in the shadow of a missing father.

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Antonio Lukich, director of the film Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

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An interview with Antonio Lukich, director of Luxembourg, Luxembourg. The film was presented in the Orizzonti section of the 79th Venice Film Festival. In this interview, the director discusses many aspects of the film, including exploring serious themes and issues and the power of humour. He also talks about working with his two stars, twins Amil Nasirov and Ramil Nasirov.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg: Kolya and Vasily learn that their father, who left them when they were children, is dying in Luxembourg, far away from them. One of them wants to go and find his father, while the other one does everything he can to prevent the first from leaving the country. As a result, they both go to Luxembourg in search of their dad: Kolya considers him a hero, while Vasily thinks he is a scoundrel.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Antonio Lukich
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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