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Antony Petrou (Director), Leeshon Alexander (Actor and Screenwriter), We Are Monster.

Festival Section: New Perspectives.

FRED catches up with director Antony Petrou and actor/screenwriter Leeshon Alexander to talk about their intense film WE ARE MONSTER, presented at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014.

We are judge. We are jury. We are monster.

How could someone be racially driven to commit a murder? This raw, uncompromising British drama poses that question and more, as it delves into the tragic real-life case of Zahid Mubarek, an Asian teenager brutally murdered in his cell in a young offenders institution by fellow inmate Robert Stewart. Avoiding all moral judgement, the filmmakers focus on Stewart’s motivation alongside the well-researched facts of the case. The result is a powerful, unsettling, moving and enlightening drama that remains thought-provoking far beyond its running time.

Reporter: Matt Micucci.

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