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Aoife O’Kelly – Walking With Shadows #LFF2019

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Set in Nigeria, the story of a man on a path of trying to save his life from falling apart.

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8 min. and 25 sec.
  1. PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Aoife O’Kelly, director of the film Walking With Shadows.

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An interview with Aoife O’Kelly, whose feature directorial debut, Walking With Shadows, was presented in the Love strand of the 2019 BFI London Film Festival. In this film, the Irish-born director talks with us about her fascinating journey to shooting her first feature in Nigeria and how she was able to approach the story, based on a book by Jude Dibia, and understand Nigerian culture. But she also talks about the universal themes of the film and how her previous experiences in various roles of film production – from editing to set design an beyond – have contributed to the formation of an auteurial style that is reflected in this film.

Walking With Shadows: Ebele Njoko (Ozzy Agu) has been running all his life. A search for acceptance and love from his family has led him to recreate himself as Adrian – respected father, husband and brother. When his mask is cruelly stripped away, Adrian’s world rapidly unravels. Adapted from Jude Dibia’s award-winning and critically acclaimed novel, Aoife O’Kelly’s articulate and sensitive film deftly discards the sensational for a depiction of queer Nigeria presented with care and incisive observation. The film is anchored by heartfelt performances from Ozzy Agu and Zainab Balogun as Ada, Adrian’s wife. Together, they explore a painful rift in a loving bond. Adrian’s quiet resilience throughout underlines the necessity for one to be self-loving, despite the cost.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Aoife O'Kelly
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    Walking With Shadows
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