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Armondo Lucas Acosta – The Living Tableau #Venezia78

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The first sequence of a feature in progress becomes a short film of great beauty and fascination.

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10 min. and 42 sec.

PODCAST | Angelo Acerbi interviews Armondo Lucas Acosta, director of the short film The Living Tableau.

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Armondo Lucas Acosta brings to life on the big screen the last Supper by Da Vinci as a living tableau, with astounding visuals and incomparable aesthetics. He tells us about it, as the introduction of his next feature, with the collaboration of great names of Italian cinema as well.

The Living Tableau: From one of the world’s masterpieces – Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper – “The Last Supper: The Living Tableau” comes to life, a nine-minute tableau vivant created and filmed in detail by the director / creator Armondo Linus Acosta with the winning Italian collaborators of the Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro (cinematography) and Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo (scenography and scenic decoration). This short film is a masterpiece of beauty, love and culture that becomes, in this precise historical moment, a message of hope for all.


  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Armondo Lucas Acosta
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    The Living Tableau
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