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Asaf Korman (Director) & Liron Ben-Shlush (Writer), At Li Layla (Next To Her).

Festival Section: Quinzaine des Realisateurs – Director’s Fortnight.

AT LI LAYLA tells the tale of a complex relationship between two sisters, ‘Chelli’ and ‘Gabby’, a mentally disabled girl who is cared for by her sister. But things take an interesting turn when Chelli’ finds a love interest and the intensity of the feelings she has for her sister increases dramatically to an almost claustrophobic level.

FRED caught up with husband/wife duo Director Asaf Korman and writer/lead actress Liron Ben-Shlush, who explains the very personal inspiration for this story and playing the lead role in the film.

Film Page on Film Festival Website.

Reporter: Amanny Mohamed.

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