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Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir – The Deposit #SydFilmFest

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10 min. and 21 sec.

Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir’s assured feature debut focuses on a journalist who invites three immigrant women to share her house in Reykjavik. Division and discord soon arise.

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10 min. and 21 sec.

PODCAST | Cristiana Palmieri interviews Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir, director and screenwriter of the film The Deposit.

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In the interview Ásthildur talks about her strong motivation “to explore the fine line between kindness and cruelty when our self-interest is at stake. I want the audience to face themselves – to look in the mirror and ask themselves how they would react in Gísella’s situation. Just like the book did to me.”

The Deposit: Kjartansdóttir’s intelligent adaptation of Auður Jonsdottir’s 2006 novel looks at the relatively new phenomenon of immigration in Iceland. After quitting her newspaper job, Gisella decides to write about meaningful topics, such as the terrible living conditions of migrant women Marisol, Abeba and Luna. Her decision to invite them into her house frames a rewarding drama about idealism, respect and the priceless human quality of empathy.

To discover more about the film, click here.


  • Reporter
    Cristiana Palmieri
  • Guest
    Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir
  • Interviewee role
    director, screenwriter
  • Film title
    The Deposit
  • Festival section
    Europe! Voices of women in film
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