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Benjamin Zeccola – Spanish Film Festival #SpanishFilmFest

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16 min. and 39 sec.

The Spanish Film Festival presented by Palace returns in 2022 with a curated selection of 34 films offering film lovers a cinematic journey across Spain and Latin America. The 24th edition of the festival features two key programme strands: New Spanish Cinema and Cine Latino.

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16 min. and 39 sec.

PODCAST | Cristiana Palmieri interviews Benjamin Zeccola, artistic director of the Spanish Film Festival.

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Artistic Director Benjamin Zeccola provides an overview of this year’s program, highlighting Australian premiere films, award winners and prestigious nominees. The festival showcases the best of Spanish and South American cinema that includes romantic comedies, dramas, thrillers and documentaries. A special section is dedicated to one of the most charismatic couples in cinema, Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, who met in 1992 while filming Bigas Luna’s Jamón Jamón, an iconic film that celebrates this year its 30th anniversary.

The Spanish Film Festival runs nationally in Australia at Palace Cinemas from 19th April to 18th May.

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  • Reporter
    Cristiana Palmieri
  • Guest
    Benjamin Zeccola
  • Interviewee role
    Artistic director
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