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Bianca Lucas – Love Dog #Locarno75

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13 min. and 11 sec.

A journey into the America of disillusionment, starting from a poem.

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13 min. and 11 sec.

PODCAST | Federica Scarpa interviews Bianca Lucas, director of the film Love Dog.

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Bianca Lucas, brings her first feature film Love Dog in competition at the Cineasti del Presente section, at the 75 Locarno Film Festival. She tells us about the long journey she made making this film, which is also a sensory journey through the sense of trauma and grief that goes through society today, and not just in America. But, as Bianca says with her film, this journey leads in the end to a great life teaching.

Love Dog: After finishing a job on a Texas oil rig, John returns to his home town in Mississippi – where he will finally confront his grief after his girlfriend’s death. Clumsily trying to distract himself from his own pain in an equally traumatized society, he will come to find that grace and healing come at their own pace, and through unlikely meetings of souls.

  • Reporter
    Federica Scarpa
  • Guest
    Bianca Lucas
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Love Dog
  • Festival section
    Cineasti del presente
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