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Bruce McDonald – Dreamland #TFF37

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9 min. and 31 sec.

A fun chat with director of a hypnotic and strange film.

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9 min. and 31 sec.

PODCAST | Angelo Acerbi interviews Bruce McDonald, director of the film Dreamland.

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Bruce McDonald knows his last film Dreamland is weird and with a strange narrative pace, not always narratively clear but fascinating. If you let your mind go with it and follow its rhythm is a great film , otherwise it could be more difficult. He knows it , he jokes on this and he explains the reason for this choice.

Dreamland: After getting slighted by a legendary jazz trumpet player, sadistic gang boss Hercules puts his number one enforcer, Johnny Deadeyes, on a mission of revenge. His instructions are simple: cut off the trumpet player’s pinkie finger before he plays a wedding reception. Johnny finds himself getting pushed into dark places: a night club called Al Qaeda, an old-world vampire, a junky child bride and a femme fatale.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Bruce McDonald
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  • Film title
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    After Hours
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