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Cesar Espada and Eulalia Ramon – Spot #SpanishFilmFest

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The nature of pleasure and pain.

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Cesar Espada / Eulalia Ramon – director / actress – Spot

FRED’s Cristiana Palmieri interviews Cesar Espada and Eulaia Ramon, respectively director and actress of the film Spot, which they presented at the Spanish Film Festival in Australia.

SPOT: Daniel (Daniel Levitt), is a young American actor who is hopelessly in love and hopelessly manipulated by his girlfriend Natalia (a captivating Natalia Miranda).

Their break-up pushes Daniel to the edge, and he performs the unthinkable with a bottle of Vanish stain remover in a youtube video for all the world to see, including two young Korean girls dealing with their own relationship problems.

A flashback reveals the circumstances that took Daniel to breaking point via what is all at once an engrossing, disturbing and twistedly comedic story of deliberate cruelty that leaves an indelible stain behind.

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