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27 min. and 10 sec.

Christophe Gans, Director, Beauty and the Beast.

Festival Section: Out of Competition.

Christophe Gans talks about his own version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST presented at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival – Out of Competition. The film, starring Lea Seydoux and Vincent Cassell, is , in Gans’ opinion, a complementary film to the famous Cocteau’s one. As a great admirer of Cocteau’s, Gans always thought about getting deeper into some aspects that Cocteau had left out and treated more superficially. Though it is a family film, as Gans himself admits, the sexual undertones will be pretty obvious and relevant for the adults in the audience. Visual effects are impeccable and Vincent Cassell is the most handsome beast ever.

Reporter: Chiara Nicoletti.

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