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Daisuke Miyazaki – Yamato (California), Dark Side of the Light #TIFF2017

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Film as a director’s reflection of the world

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Daisuke Miyazaki, director and writer of the film Yamato (California) and writer of the film Dark Side of the Light, from the 16th Transilvania International Film Festival.

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Daisuke Miyazaki was present at the 16th Transilvania International Film Festival as the director of his film Yamato (California) and the screenwriter of Dark Side of the Light. The director shares with us his thoughts on the art of filmmaking as well, the various influences of his works (such as history and music), and the ways in which he approaches his film projects. Music, in particular, serves as the main subject of Yamato (California), while Daisuke also shares with us that he his collaboration on film sets as playing jazz: “cinema has everything in it … and it also is a reflection … a director’s reflection of the world,” he says.

Yamato (California): moody teenager Sakura shares a small house with her mother and brother, next to the US military base in Yamato, Japan. Her only dream is to become a famous rapper, but a crippling stage fright makes her unable to perform in front of an audience. Out of the blue, the daughter of her mother’s American boyfriend, Rei, arrives from California to spend some time with them. This unexpected arrival will at first turn Sakura into a state of turmoil but she will soon realise that she and Rei have much more in common than what she initially thought.
The Dark Side of the Light: based on an actual murder that took place in 1996 in Shibuya, Tokyo. One day, Emi receives a visit from her ex-boyfriend, Takumi. He tells her that her older sister, Tomomi, has disappeared after murdering her husband, Kohei. Emi is devastated. What pushed her sister to such a horrible deed?

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Daisuke Miyazaki
  • Interviewee role
    director, writer
  • Film title
    Yamato (California), Dark Side of the Light
  • Festival section
    The Usual Suspects, Shadows
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