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David Lee Morea – Before Neorealism: Italy’s Forgotten Cinema #FREDInterview

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7 min. and 33 sec.

The missing pice of Italian movie-making history.

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7 min. and 33 sec.

David Lee Morea – director – Before Neorealism: Italy’s Forgotten Cinema

David Lee Morea tells us about years of study and research, presented in 56 minutes, that cover a missing piece that any Italian movie-lover or student should absolutely watch!

BEFORE NEOREALISM: ITALY’S FORGOTTEN CINEMA is the most comprehensive feature-length English-language documentary on Italian cinema during Fascism. Comprising clips, archival footage, and interviews with world-renowned scholars, the filmmakers investigate how the regime partnered with the entertainment industry to manipulate public opinion and create political consensus.

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  • Reporter
    Samantha Sartori
  • Guest
    David Lee Morea
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Before Neorealism: Italy's Forgotten Cinema
  • Festival section
    World Premiere
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